My Voiceover ...

If your project requires a professional Hebrew male voice, or perhaps localization of your existing content alongside a  pleasant background music, audio effects like a “phone” or “radio”, or a big echoing room?
 it can all be done, and even Remotely (via source connect). 
IVR, eLearning, corporate, localized product explainers, Intros & Outros, YouTube videos, tutorials,dubbing,
TV & Radio campaigns, online promotion,  audiobooks, children’s books, audio guides/audio tours, accessibility , and  much more..

Your Voiceover . . .

I record your audio in A professional surroundings, using the latest software & plugins, and For my detailed list of studio gear, see the (blue) link below.

Reach out to schedule a session, 
or just talk about your project.

And make sure to check out my “Additional services”.

For a detailed gear list press here
Please contact in case you require a directed\live  session with a  client\ brand \producer .source connect avalable.

demo reel

corporate (TV spot)





You have a message,
let it be heard.

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