Additional services

For individuals and companies

Podcast production

If you are an individual that wants to get his/her message out there,
but don’t want to be hassled with the technical parts involved,
don’t procrastinate, you can “get it done” easier than you might think.

I implement my technical knowhow, skills and tools gained as a voiceover artist to record your podcast remotely via the internet,
While you lean back in the comfort of your home.
I will record you (and your guests) online, and monitor the session live .
Afterwards, I take care of the editing, metadata, ID3, and release it for the world to enjoy a professionally produced podcast.

Maybe you are a small business that wants to offer a podcast on your products/services  in your field of expertise?
Or as a marketing technique? or simply because you are passionate..
A podcast can (and will) go a long way in establishing yourself as an expert in your field.
Also, if you are a medium-large company and you want to offer an internal communications podcast,
accessible only for your employees (password protected)? Well, that’s possible as well.
All podcast related services are available in Hebrew and English, and in all time zones.

Simultaneous live Hebrew-English translation\interpretation , via zoom.

If you need to address a Hebrew speaking audience, and you need to make sure nothing will be lost in translation, you need a live native speaker.  
Via a separate channel on zoom, your participants, (that will choose to)
will only hear the translated audio but see your video playing.
It’s all being done live, by me, seamless and in pro studio quality.

Also available is the actual meeting hosting and setting up for multiple participants – so you don’t have to deal with the technical aspects.
Just show up and speak your mind.
all related services are available in Hebrew and English, and in all time zones.


“Tape sync”

The double ender… simul-rec… phone-sync or tape sync…
many different names that all mean the same thing:
getting an excellent audio statement – in person and done by a pro.
The audio file will be sent to you uncompressed+ room tone.
Service available all over Berlin, Germany, and in all languages & time zones.
please contact directly for scheduling, and further details.

Come & talk

You, or anyone else you need to record can come over to my comfortably located studio in the heart of Berlin, and have him\you recorded with broadcast studio quality, and possible even a live video feed with an optional green screen.  the audio file will be sent to you uncompressed+ room tone. 
available in all languages & time zones. Please reach out for more details.


Rent a vocal booth

If you are in town and in  need of a recording space to record vocals, 
or some follow up NDR that you need from an actor after the project ended?
Or simply need to have somebody  recorded in studio quality?My home studio is “geared up” for that as well, located in the heart of Berlin Mitte.
you can rent my recording space, connect with your laptop,
and just have a “home away from home ” experience. 
To make it easier: you can hire me to be your session engineer if need be.
Just show up, speak, have an espresso while we upload, and your done.
Source connect +gear list available, and in all languages & time zones.
Please reach out for more details and scheduling.

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