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What can i get you today?

VoiceOver (or VO like we say in the biz) might be a small term ,
but one that carries a lot of different meanings and sub genres ,
such as eLearning for your instructional type reads,
Medical, for your complicated jargon reads (who doesn’t like those:),
commercial ,for that all familiar bigger than life type VO.
and many, many more..

Here are a few different flavors that I offer under my one stop shop:

Yes! English with a Hebrew Accent!

Accented English for your Religious / Bible/ Christian / Church text voiceover !

have you ever wanted to give your English religious text a deeper context?

or a more authentic vibe and feel?

So a Hebrew Accent voiceover is the thing you were lacking and didn’t even know.

Reading from the bible with a Hebrew or middle eastern accent, can be very rewarding to the listener  (or viewer) and can add another layer of importance to your message.


pronouncing the names of people and places authentically and in their original form , can be very profound, when you hear them pronounced correctly , for the very first time!


fortunately I have gained a lot of experience in those kind of texts, I know how to deliver the massage in a profound and meaningful way, and i would be glad to share from my experience on your next project,


if you have a sermon for Church that you want to compose into a audio voiceover , or even a podcast for example,

a Church play in the making with a few biblical/historical characters,

a story that took place in an ancient time,  with a Jewish context, or an old Israel background setting, or simply .. you wrote an inspiring text, and a middle eastern accent will just make it that little bit extra layer of credibility, then English with an Israeli or Hebrew accent is the way to go!


hear some of my samples,

and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Elearning and localising content to Hebrew for an israeli crowd, staff, or end consumer.


Have you been thinking or have been asked too, to make your educational content available in Hebrew as well?  For your customers or employees in Israel ,

Perhaps it is a safety video or security training at the workplace,

or an internal content video to your Israel based offices ,

common in global corporations with worldwide presence

could also be an instructional video on how to set up your new coffee machine just how you want it,
or an accessibility issue, in which you need or just want to make your content accessible for everyone.


in any scenario, you need to localise your content into Hebrew ,

and you need a voice over that know’s how to do it, 

and do it well.


things to think about:

you need to have a quality translation as a foundation ,

and factor in the length differences between the origin content (usually English), And the destination language
(Hebrew in our case) and make sure it some what fits. 


then, you need to see if your content is synced as the original visual content in case of a video,

and, factor in that in big localisation project , the post production audio editor doesn’t always know all the languages he is editing in post-production.

these factors apply in almost every voice over,

but particularly in eLearning’s and localisation projects.


so feel free to reach out regarding your upcoming Hebrew localised  Elearning voiceover project.



Hebrew tour guide for your visitors

Hebrew tour guide recording or audio guide museum tours,
GPS based apps and bus tours , all need quality voice over.


Have you thought of adding Hebrew to the optional language of your current audio tour guide?

or your current Hebrew audio tour guide sounds like it was recorded on a tin can ? during a storm?


Adding Hebrew to the languages you have on offer at your Museum or public landmark is always a good idea, Especially if they are somewhat  associated with Israel or Jewish culture.


it is somewhat of a storyteller and teacher all in to one, and I have recorded many audio tour guides for different walks of life:

Art museum’s, Holocaust memorials, tourist bus tours ,outdoor landmarks where the listening experience is app /GPS based,

Jewish museums all over Europe , and also around the world.


it is so important to know what to ask , like certain pronunciation of people and places, and in my case,
as I also speak German, so that comes in VERY handy while recording WW2 related content for example. 


I have learned that apart of the need to be a good story teller of sorts, you also have to talk to the listener like a companion , as you are accompanying him throughout the journey , and In essence, you are his private teacher, especially in tours where the listening device only has one headphone instead of two…


Partial list of the sites in which you can hear me:

Wannsee house of conference in Berlin

Casa vicene in Barcelona,

the Jewish history museum in Poland,

a Jerusalem popular tour bus,

And many more.


I look forward to telling your story in Hebrew to your visitors.


Medical Voiceover in Hebrew for an Israel based audience

Medical Voiceover in Hebrew , is particularly challenging ,
as all the drug names are originally in Latin pronunciation,
as well as their characters, and as such , you have to know how it is being pronounced in Israel
by doctors, or the viewer which can be a doctor, nurse , or pharmacist, will not have an idea of what you are referring to. 

after multiple Medical Voiceovers in Hebrew , I have found a few ways to verify how the terminology Should be pronounced , and I cross reference so you don’t have to.


things to note prior a Hebrew medical voiceover project, is who is your target audience,

has it been properly translated and localised to Hebrew, and has the timings of sentences lengths adjusted between the origin language (usually English) and the target language (Hebrew)


as an experienced Hebrew native pro voiceover I know how to navigate those complicated texts,

And I would be glad to draw from my experience and help you in your upcoming Hebrew Medical voiceover project.



Audiobooks in english with an accent

Have you ever thought of how your audiobook will sound like.. with a Hebrew accent?

Different from the rest , that’s for sure.

Granted, it might not fit for everyone or every book, BUT , if your book is religious in spirit, or historical in essence , an Israeli accent might give it that extra edge.


could also be Christian content, or biblical in its surroundings, it can always add more authenticity to the story when read in the original way it was pronounced  back in the day

names of people or places will  come alive, and the listener will definitely appreciate that extra effort taken by the author or publisher, by choosing a Hebrew accent voiceover to narrate your audio book.


a few things to factor in while producing an audio book:

you should be aware of the total word count of the book ,

as this is the primary criteria in which you quote the audio version of it.


an easy to remember rule of thumb in English:  a conversation will be about 130 wpm (words per minute), so about 7500 words will be per finished hour , but reading out loud , or narrating an audio book will be about 100 wpm , so a very comfortable 6000 words per hour.


example: your book is 180,000 words strong-> divided by 6000 (WPH) will be 30 finished hours,

And in Voiceover, we talk  per finished hour, or PFH.


Also, you need to always remember that every audiobook platform has its own audio standards,

however, they mostly adhere to the major one , which is Audible, which I have a book published there as well in English with an Israel or Jewish accent, you can see it HERE , or look up Eliran Hirsh in audible an you can hear the intro to that book (the first 3 minutes) and have an idea of how your book might sound like.

but be aware that your Hebrew accent audiobook might get declined from publishing if it will not meet certain technical requirements, so it is important to be made aware of that.


That’s why you need a professional Voiceover artist for your Hebrew accented audiobook production ,

so you can avoid a lot of the hurdles that comes built in the marathon which is producing  and recording an audiobook,

And as an experienced audiobook narrator/producer, you can rely on my experience in that field and know that your project is being done , and done well.


so if you are considering a Hebrew accent for your upcoming audiobook production,

feel free to reach out, and I will be glad to record you a short snippet of it so you can experience your text coming alive.

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