About Eliran

The Man Behind The Voice

About Eliran

I am Eliran “HaKaryan” Hirsh. “HaKaryan” means “the narrator” in Hebrew.
I started voiceovers back in 2010 as a college student, fine tuning my skills as I go along, while acquiring my B.A in communications (2013).
After graduation, I kept working as a voiceover alongside my nine-five job in different studios, just dropping in and reading out loud… sounds fun, right?
Shortly thereafter, I took a specific VO training in a professional studio, acquired my own gear and started recording in my home studio, constantly adding and upgrading gear, as well as perfecting my skills.


The journey

Over the years, I have learned how challenging it can be to put a quality voiceover together, but I have learned a lot along the way.
Acoustics, microphone placement, timing, editing, processing, mastering, and more..
These days, I am based in Berlin, and after many hours of recording and editing, I am able to produce and master your Hebrew VO professionally, in a fully equipped pro home studio.

With time, I was also able to add further services to my repertoire.
Check it out in “Additional Services”.

And there was light...

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